Artisanal and individualistic, we produce contemporary  ‘Eye-Fi’ furniture for design discerning audiophile clients.  Our flagship

Tutti Audio Contemporary Stereogram bears testimony to the company’s design vision and multi-faceted engineering excellence. 
Quality, groundbreaking creativity with a sizeable twist of ‘retro’ permeates everything we design, make, do and represent.

Audio-visual equipment and stereos will never be the same again.

Audio-visual Equipment

Nick Langan
Lizzie-May Amos
David Shaw

See music differently and hear it as intended! 

Since the inception of ‘separates’, the unsightliness of a rack stacked with grey boxes and trailing cables hasn’t exactly resided in harmony with the modern home. 

Arguably, the industry has lost sight that most people don’t live alone and that homemaking purchases, particularly the larger ticket items are seldom made in isolation.

Similarly, we don’t recall anyone demanding poor quality recorded music but for the past few years, we got it anyway. The fidelity of downloads being brutally degraded in return for quantity and convenience.

Fortunately times are changing on both fronts and here at Tutti Audio, we’re playing our own special part ensuring the digital future catches up with the analogue past in truly spectacular style.

Living in a ‘virtual’, digital era of seemingly soulless intangibility, it is unsurprising that generations; young and old, seek to establish a long lost connection with their music. 

We strongly believe that the ‘theatre’ and warmth of traditional analogue electronics can be brought together with digital technology to deliver a visually and audibly stunning and enriching connection.    

This is our motive force, our core passion.

Vintage Hi Fi & Dansettes

On browsing our website you’ll notice that we professionally restore and sell mid-century record players and vintage Hi Fi systems as well.

Icon Audio 

Tutti Audio recommends and are agents for Icon Audio’s, superb hand-built, multi award winning pure valve amplifiers designed by David Shaw here in the UK.  

Indifferent mass produced consumer electronics is not our bag – sorry!

​​​​​Meet the Artisans


Bob Amos
Founder and owner of Tutti Audio & inspirational designer of the Tutti Contemporary Stereogram

Qualified electronics engineer, designer, entrepreneur, outright perfectionist, frustrated pianist and music nut, goes some way in summing up Tutti Audio founder and owner Bob Amos. ‘Cutting his teeth’ on valve and solid state TV, video and Hi-Fi throughout the 70’s and 80’s, Bob was to eventually branch out into hi-end computer system engineering.  

He went on to form a very successful, specialist electronics design and manufacturing company before finally selling up ten years later to a Swiss competitor in 2005. A lifestyle move with his family from Buckinghamshire to West Cornwall swiftly followed.

Bob explains; “I’ve always held dear, memories of my younger years. A most exiting time with the space race and popular music scene in full swing – we even had a successful England football team! In my opinion, there can be no place better to get the creative juices flowing than living in this awe-inspiring county and no better cause to introduce younger generations to the endearing world of mid-century living”.

Nick Langan of Journeyman Furniture 

Tutti Audio is privileged to work in close cooperation with the talented Nick Langan of Journeyman Furniture - a key, handpicked supplier engaged with the responsibility of turning Tutti designs into  stunning reality. 

Situated in his studio and workshop at the head of Hayle’s spectacular estuary in Cornwall, Nick established Journeyman Furniture back in 2003 after following a traditional ‘journeyman’ route in pursuing his passion for making contemporary furniture.

With twenty years of experience as a furniture maker he has worked on an impressive number of varied and prestigious projects across the UK before establishing Journeyman Furniture. He now works with personal clients and design professionals with a small team of craftspeople, creating beautiful furniture and interiors to commission. 

Nick’s inspiration… “Being based in Cornwall and looking out on the daily ebb and flow of the tide and shifting sand dunes, I am continually inspired to create beautiful furniture.  I am passionate about the wood used and always try to get the most out of the grain, patterns and texture of the timber paying close attention to the overall form and functionality of the piece”.

Lizzie-May Design

Having one of Cornwall’s upcoming, inspirational fine artists and illustrators in your family certainly has its advantages, none more so than Tutti Audio. For Lizzie-May is the daughter of founder and co-owner, Bob Amos.  

It’s apparent that nepotism for the right reasons clearly pays off with the ability to draw from time to time on such a naturally gifted, home grown talent. A compelling example is the shade design commission for Tutti Audio’s ‘Lets Twist Again’ table lamp.

David Shaw of Icon Audio

Tutti Audio’s passion for vinyl is intrinsically coupled with the warm, seductive sound and theatrical glow of top quality valve amplification. It therefore comes as no surprise that multi-award winning British valve amplifier designer, David Shaw of Icon Audio features highly in their handpicked schedule of cherished suppliers.

David’s disenchantment with the audio quality of ‘premium’ solid state designs inspired him to ply his engineering skills to satisfy his discerning audiophile ear and pocket! Since 1999 in fact, he has been busy developing and refining his own products based on vintage British and American valve amplifiers he’s enjoyed listening to, such as; Leak, Quad, Macintosh and Dynaco. 

David now leads a dedicated team of audio engineers from their facilities in Leicester, England, specialising in the design and manufacture of pure valve (or tube) amplifiers and Hi Fi equipment. 

From the outset his amplifiers have attained notable industry awards and accolades such as “best buy” and “five stars” by British Magazines like Hi Fi News, Hi Fi Choice and Hi Fi World.