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 Why gamble when you can buy in confidence from Tutti Audio with a 12 month warranty - totally unequaled!

  • Every vintage record player purchased from Tutti Audio is brought up to current safety standards in terms of electrical isolation, earth bonding including a 3 core mains flex and 2A fused plug.

  • The valve amplifier stage is thoroughly checked through and any faulty or suspect components replaced. These can typically include resistors, capacitors and valves.

  • The turntable/autochanger assembly is cleaned, lubricated, checked for correct operation along with the tone arm stylus force being set in accordance with the cartridge manufacturers recommendations.

  • We always ensure that the cartridge is compatible for use with stereo and mono recordings. 

Important point to note on cartridge/stylus..

Mono only cartridges needed the stylus to move laterally in the record groove whereas the arrival of stereo recordings necessitated the stylus to move both laterally and vertically. It would therefore be unwise to play a stereo record using a mono only cartridge as little or no compliancy in the vertical axis could cause irreparable damage to the vinyl itself.

  • To preserve originality we always prefer to clean and keep the original cabinet covering (Rexine) whenever possible. Occasionally though we have to replace part or all of the covering material with one in keeping with Dansette tradition. 

  • You’ll see that for every record player we sell we provide an accurate and honest description of the unit’s overall aesthetic condition. 

  • After five to six decades catches and hinges often become badly tarnished which can naturally detract from a Dansette’s overall appearance. We therefore frequently fit new, matching brass furniture.

  •  Similarly high quality replica Dansette labels and nomenclatures are often used when necessary.

  • Finally, accompanying every record player we sell, you’ll find a comprehensive, dedicated quality control checklist and schedule of work that has been carried out. 


Dance around a Dansette

Lovingly and professionally
restored  Dansette
vintage record players for sale.

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 If you're looking for a retro

record player with a full warranty

​then look no further!

Uber-cool and highly desirable, no self-respecting mid-century household could have imagined being without a Dansette record player. Listening to music on this portable, suitcase sized icon whenever and wherever to took your fancy, quickly become a way of life in the 50’s and 60’s, particularly for teenagers, no doubt buoyed by the emergence of Rock and Roll and the Beatles. 

Today we are witnessing an unprecedented resurgence in the popularity of vinyl, mid-century furnishings and with it, the desire to own a working vintage Dansette, especially one with a nice pair of ‘Sputnik’ legs! Make no mistake these pop icons are once again in great demand with not too dissimilar prices being paid in real terms to what they cost 50 to 60 years ago. For example, 25 Gns (Guineas) in 1955 is equivalent to circa £650 today.

Although not necessarily ‘hi-fi’ in the true sense, ownership clearly suggests a wise investment and with it, a cool, attention-grabbing showpiece, come talking point in any home or boudoir! Oh, and it’s pretty good at playing those 45’s and albums you haven’t touched in decades! So escape the soulless, virtual word of downloads and re-connect with music as originally intended.