Built to perform, endure and adapt

Creating an all in one stereogram of aesthetic beauty on such a scale is one thing, ensuring it performs sonically to audiophile standards is another. No expense has been spared in the choice of materials, components and levels of craftsmanship. Aesthetics, rigidity, structural strength, performance and longevity remain the overarching design criteria, not budget. Every stereogram is hand built to order by master craftsmen in Cornwall with over 200 hours of passion applied to each cabinet alone. Unarguably, the result is a truly astonishing piece of high-end equipment, destined to become a modern classic. Unashamedly, we make no excuses whatsoever for our fastidious and over engineered design ethos. It just has to be so!

Specification Overview

Every Tutti Audio Contemporary Stereogram is painstakingly built by a Master Craftsman over a period in excess of 200 hours. We therefore take no chances when it comes to delivery whatsoever and insist that we deliver and commission each one personally to all addresses here in the UK.

All prices formally quoted include personal delivery and commissioning to a UK address. 

Delivered & Commissioned 

Fully Configured

Using your Amp & Turntable


         Performing the art of music!

​​The Present Catches Up With The Past

Over 200 mastercraftsman hours...

Beautifully hand made and crafted using materials and build standards of the highest order here in 'Blighty'... Cornwall to be exact! 

Meet the Artisans in  'About Us' 

Artisanal & British

Vital statistics

Overall width: 1700mm
Overall height: Lid up 1636mm           Lid down: 1036mm
Overall depth: Flap down 720mm       Flap up: 595mm

Hi Fi equipment mounting

Up to five vibration isolated equipment bays
Media storage for up 72, 12” vinyl albums

Main semi-circular body: 25mm laminated – piano gloss
Upper deck assembly: solid 20mm walnut
Doors, legs, speaker frets, handles, on/off knob: 20mm solid walnut
Equipment shelves: 25mm walnut/veneer

Integral loudspeakers

Audiophile 8” full-range driver units by Icon Audio
96db output, 1 watt @ 1 meter sensitivity 
Valve or solid state amplifier compatible to 90 watts @ 8 ohms
25mm thick ultra-rigid, 69 litre bass reflex enclosures

Cable management ports: chrome metal/brush curtain
Mood lighting: RGB LED strip - independent selector switches
Mains conditioning: audiophile grade multi-way with surge protection

Interfaces and controls 
Mains power cord: audiophile 3 core shielded
Master power on/off: front panel mounted behind access flap 
Power input/output: fuse, mains inlet/outlet connectors + RGB control
Signal input/output panel: pre-wired analogue, digital & RF breakout
Gold plated, quality RCA phono interconnection leads
Gold plated loudspeaker terminals via high purity/low impedance cable

Tutti Audio reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice E&OE

Designer furniture has never sounded so good!

Whether you’re a digital or analogue devotee you’ll certainly see music differently with our contemporary audiophile stereogram – a mesmerizing design of unearthly aesthetics in concert with an infinite variety of high-end audio equipment options. You could say we have created the world’s first ‘Eye-Fi’ enabling you to make a spectacle of your music just the way you like it.

With vinyl and turntable sales once again rocketing, we believe the time has come to re-establish the mid-century delights of an ‘all in one’ Hi-Fi. Our contemporary take on the traditional ‘stereogram’ does this with aplomb. We’ve added a huge mid-century twist of ‘retro’ whilst avoiding the standard box-like form, incorporated the finest materials, levels of craftsmanship and audio engineering prowess to create something that looks as compelling as it sounds.

Since the inception of ‘separates’, the unsightliness of a rack stacked with grey boxes hasn’t exactly resided in harmony with the modern home.

 Tutti Audio’s contemporary stereogram is the game changer, befitting pride of place in any living or entertaining space. If you are a design conscious music lover, with audiophile tendencies then this is going to rock your boat, big time!

The exclusiveness and artisanal nature of this modern classic will also appeal to interior designers, property developers and architects alike looking to create a striking, glamorous look and feel.    

As well as commanding immense presence, flexibility, adaptability and ease of customisation have also been overarching design considerations from the outset.

Endless configuration and interconnection possibilities

Any colour, wood grain or finish - you choose

We're happy to supply and install separates specified by our clients over and above the turntable and amplifier. Equally we'd be delighted to advise, recommend and supply additional equipment such as Streamer, CD, Docking Station and Tuner for example. 

The sensational Tutti Stereogram can be supplied without Ampilifier and Turntable so you can use or specify your own if you wish

​​Valve or solid state amp

Not just a record console

CD player




iPod dock etc.

Use your own hi fi separates​

Analogue + Digital together

​Future proof


Aesthetics, rigidity, structural strength, performance and longevity are the overarching design criteria, not budget!

Design registered with the

Intellectual Property Office ref. 4043247