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you can now stream your Dansette to any Bluetooth speaker or music system for amazing sound

The allure of valves & vinyl  

There is an undeniable human connection with vinyl that you just don’t get with downloads. You can enjoy owning an album. Unlike a download it’s a tangible thing of beauty, colourful, informative and collectable.

Thanks mainly in part to nostalgic parents, younger generations are waking up to how much better music sounds when played on vinyl. Unsurprising when you consider that although technology has run rampant for the past 2 to 3 decades, sound quality hit the buffers. A surreal, virtual world of soulless downloads quickly gained the upper hand - quantity and convenience won at the expense of quality. 

Switch on a valve amplifier and you actually see it gradually come to life. First the glow from the valves heaters as the warmth starts to permeate. Then there’s the sound. Devoid of ‘listening fatigue, valves, like analog recordings, have a more full-bodied sound than transistors with a ‘roundness’ that arguably solid-state gear never equals.

CD’s, radio, streamed music and dare we say it, even MP3 files sound less harsh and more ‘rounded’ when played through a valve amplifier.

We believe the time for vinyl and valves has come around again. After all, there’s something theatrical and cool about putting a record on. Tutti’s sensational Contemporary Stereogram exploits this theatre to the full, lid open or closed!

​​Worlds first Eye-Fi

​​​​​​​​"Here at Tutti Audio we strongly believe that the 'theatre' and warmth of traditional analogue electronics can be brought together with digital technology to deliver a visually and audibly stunning and enriching connection.

The Tutti Audio Contemporary Audiophile Stereogram by definition is true audio-visual equipment of the highest order, offering much more than just a modern record console. Stereos and the like will never be the same again"

​Bob Amos - Founder

Our core passion  


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Designed specifically for a select clientele with high-end places and spaces in mind, it is with a buzz of excitement and pride a pleasure to unveil Tutti Audio’s long awaited Contemporary Audiophile Stereogram

Tutti Audiophile Stereogram

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Tutti’s 'all in one' Contemporary Audiophile Stereogram is the game changer, befitting pride of place in any living space.  If you are a design conscious music lover, with audiophile tendencies then this is going to rock your boat, big time!

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